Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Paw Power

physical might
a source or means of supplying energy
possession of control, authority, or influence over (yourself)

control, authority

Too often we hear of people, young especially, who have lost hope, happiness and purpose in life, resulting in depression, extensive drug and alcohol use, and even
the taking of their own lives. All of my life, I have known how it feels like to be unaccepted, feel like an outcast, alone and rejected. It's difficult and not everyone has the same strength I had to overlook or move past it. Everyone needs support and to know they're not alone-even me. Once upon a time, I took my job as an adult entertainer about as seriously as blowing a bubble-it was a random, fun but temporary experience that I expected to end shortly after it began. But that changed. Somehow this became a journey-the beginning of my path in life.  I learned with age and experience, after some time in the industry, that people really recognize and look up to me. They send me emails asking for advice sand want to learn from my experiences-whether its how to tell a parent about their confusion in sexuality, that they realize they are attracted to the same sex or that they've been molested by someone close to them at an early age. Because of these things, I could no longer remain oblivious to the people and world around me. Although I lived a sheltered, seemingly perfect childhood, I, like so many of my peers felt (and at times feel) alone. I understand, I empathize.

Just before my first film, at the age of 19, I got my first tattoo-the infamous paw print, on my inner thigh. I got it because I wanted something that people would remember me by. Well, it became more popular than I ever could've imagined. I began adding more paw prints to my body shortly after my first few films. When I became more popular, people began recognizing me as 'the guy with the paw print tattoos'. It became part of my brand, a permanent logo.

A couple of years ago, on a plane (where I get my best ideas), I was working on ideas for branding and marketing. But I also wanted to do something philanthropic-helping the community (black, gay, etc…). I love POWER. All of the positive aspects of it. The word itself gives me chills. A couple of years ago during a movie shoot, I ended the interview portion with "Paw Power". The phrase rolled off of my tongue without a thought. Hence, Paw Power was born. This simple phrase along with the logo of the paw print provides a simple, but effective statement-one that unites. It's a symbol with a cause. With that being said, I.AM.HOTROD/#TEAMHOTROD introduces My #PawPower.

My #PawPower will be a growing brand for a cause-a movement that will support those who need to find their strength, power or just don't want to feel alone. Those wear the "PAW" represent more than showing support for HotRod as a fan. Its showing support for the cause. I look forward to working with companies and organizations and taking this to the next level. Already over 100 shirts have been given out, with more products for sell coming soon, which will support organizations supporting our journey.

No matter who we are-gay or straight, young or old, the bullied and mistreated, sick or healthy, black or white, etc...we all need the POWER to make it through. 
Paws Up for My #PawPower.


Assistant: hamiltonentdc@gmail.com (1st contact)
averageboynextdoor@gmail.com (business)
teamhotrod.hr@gmail.com (mailing list)



    Much LOVE.................Patrick
    Supporter of PAWPOWER

  2. Love your blog. We all need someone in our lives that we know we can count on and who TRULY loves us (me) unconditionally.

    May you find that LOVE and much success in your PAWPOWER business.


  3. You are definitely serving your purpose!

  4. Found this via twitter! Great words. Inspirational and well written. It's neat to learn the meaning behind the tattoos and awesome to see that you're interested in helping the community. More power to you!

  5. I wish you all the strength and respect to.